File Browser
Custom Branding
You can now customize your File Browser installation by change its name to any other you want, by adding a global custom style sheet and by using your own logotype if you want. To address this, we have three configuration options that can be changed:
  • Name: which is the instance name that will show up on login and signup pages. This won't replace the version message in the sidebar.
  • Disable external links: this will disable any external links except the ones to this documentation.
  • Folder: is the path to a directory that can contain two items:
    • custom.css, containing the styles you want to apply to your installation.
    • img, a directory whose files can replace the default logotypes around the instance.
This options can be either changed via the CLI interface through the following command:
filebrowser config set "My Name" \
--branding.files "/abs/path/to/my/dir" \
Or you can go to Settings → Global Settings and change it there.
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