Command Runner

The command runner is a feature that enables you to execute any shell command you want before or after a certain event. Right now, these are the events:

  • Copy

  • Rename

  • Upload

  • Delete

  • Save

Also, during the execution of the commands set for those hooks, there will be some environment variables available to help you perform your commands:

  • FILE with the full absolute path to the changed file.

  • SCOPE with the path to user's scope.

  • TRIGGER with the name of the event.

  • USERNAME with the user's username.

  • DESTINATION with the absolute path to the destination. Only used for copy and rename.

At this moment, you can edit the commands via the command line interface, using the following commands (please check the flag --help to know more about them):

filebrowser cmds add before_copy "echo $FILE"
filebrowser cmds rm before_copy 0
filebrowser cmds ls

Or you can use the web interface to manage them via SettingsGlobal Settings.

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